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  • No Object Certification and consents from Pollution Control Authorities
  • Online Return Filing and other ARC services
  • Operation & Maintenance of STPs, ETPs and APCM
  • Conducting Treatability studies and preparation of Feasibility reports
  • Designing and developing optimum schemes for treating effluent and tender preparation
  • Evaluating vendors for clients on vast pollution control projects
  • Techno-economic feasibility for pollution control equipment
  • Ambient air and effluent quality survey / monitoring of stack emissions , process vent and ambient air.
  • Air pollution dispersion modeling
  • EMS development and implementation
  • Environment Audit / Water Audit
  • Analysis of characteristics of Water, Wastewater and Solid waste.
  • Liasioining with Pollution Control Authorities under Water Act, Air Act and Hazardous Waste Rules.
  • Waste Minimization / Cleaner Production Assessment / CDM Activities
  • Specialized Study Projects

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