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Thinkgreen is a full-service environmental engineering and consulting company comprising highly skilled engineers and dynamic solution providers.

We have grown by many folds now, which is a result of our solid bond and accordance with our vendors and amicable relationship with our healthy clientele. At Thinkgreen we aim at giving optimum solutions to varied types of industries with a view to benefit the industry in terms of Economy, whereby, the Environmental benefits follow as a By-Product.

Thinkgreen takes utmost pride in delivering environmental services to more than 1000 industries and is committed to sustainable and economically advantageous solutions. It is our fundamental credence that we can drive company growth by providing innovative solutions that preserve the health of our ecosystems and improve the lives of our employees, clients and our community.

We comprise a team that has worked with distinguished environmental consultants as well as companies undertaking enormous environmental projects such as Effluent Treatment and Common Effluent Treatment Plants, Reverse Osmosis Systems, Air Pollution Control Equipment, Evaporators & Incinerators, Zero Discharge and Recycling Systems, Environmental Impact Assessment & Audit, etc.

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